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Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge  in Nkuringo, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Situated in breathtaking scenery in Nkuringo, Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge offers a luxury facility with 8 stone bedrooms, 2 of which are double roomed units. Its main building comprises of the reception, shop, dining and the bar. The place is kept cozy throughout the day by 6 fireplaces.  Each bedroom possesses twin basin en suit bathroom with cold and hot water; electric points and a cozy fireplace. The wooden artwork gives the lodge a unique splendor characteristic of the African styles.

The courtyard is dotted with “laid back” chairs with unobtrusive forest view.
Access to the lodge: It is located in south-western Uganda, just approximately 8 hours drive from Kampala.


The nearby airfield is at Kihihi or Kabale whereby a standby car transfers you to the lodge.
Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge is owned by The Ugandan Safari Company (TUSC) and Wildplaces Africa in partnership with the NCDF (Nkuringo Community Development Fund), Ugandan Wildlife Authority (UWA), United States Aid Organization (USAID) and the International Gorilla Conservation Program (IGCP) through the African Wildlife Fund (AWF).

Gorilla Tracking in Nkuringo
The nearby gorilla group is Nkuringo with 18 members
Group Composition:
Silver Backs     4 (Over 15 years)
Males (Black Backs)    3 (8-12 years)
Sub-Adults       1 (5-8 years)
Juveniles           2 (3-5years)
Infants              4 (0-3years) (twins born October 2008)
Adult Females 4 (9-above years)
The Nkuringo gorilla group’s habituation commenced in 1997 and ended on 1st April 2004. Habituation process normally takes 2 to 3years. The group was thus opened for tourism in 2004 (Mock tourism) . At this stage it would be open for tracking to only a few people for 6 months in a home range of about 10km across the circle.


Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge