Take advantage of Discounted Uganda Gorilla Permits to see Gorillas in the wild

In the world of gorilla permits, the months of April, May and November (2017&2018) are regarded as a low season months meaning there’s always a low turn up of tourists and rainy seasons in to the country in those particular months.

Uganda Wildlife Authority discounts gorilla permits in Uganda for those months extending the permits from the official price USD 600.00 to USD 450.00 per person. Those interested in gorilla trekking in 2017/2018 will save USD 150.00. The price for a gorilla permit in Uganda initially is $600 per permit. Each gorilla permit discount is $150 which makes it $450 instead of $600.

Uganda usually experiences heavy rains in the months of April, May and November; the most beautiful months in Uganda. The country has a lot of attractions including beautiful sceneries (National Parks, source of the Nile, Rwenzori and Elgon Mountains, Lake Victoria and many more others) together with relative stability and infrastructural development.

Tourists interested in gorilla safaris are always encouraged to take advantage of the months November, April and May since accommodation rates tend to go down lowering the general price of gorilla safaris in Uganda. Some tourists have been influenced to think that this discount is only in months when it is raining highly making gorilla trekking a bit tough. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park being located in a high altitude area with tropical rain forests has the climate that is influenced by the winds from Congo thus receives rainfall throughout the whole year and it can rain every after 30 minutes irrespective of whether it is a dry or rainy season.

Discounted gorilla permits in 2017/2018 are at USD450 per person for foreign non-residents and USD400.00 for East African residents holding working permits for Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi.
Please contact a tour company to arrange for you a gorilla tour and purchase the discounted gorilla permit for you in Uganda.

Point to note: Rwanda has its official price for a gorilla permit as $750 (2017/2018). There are “no low season discounts” for gorilla permits in Rwanda.