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Kibale Primates Cottages

This is a fashionable Eco-lodge located within Kibale National park. It’s enclosed by a flourishing tropical forest that is a habitat to 13 primate species like chimpanzees.Kibale Eco Lodge


Primate Lodge Accommodation
8 Luxury Safari Tents
7 Forest Cottage
Sky Tree House


Restaurant and Bar
The restaurant serves both international and local foods with hospital waitresses. Next to the restaurant is a fully stocked bar with a beautiful scenic view of the forest.


Lounge area
The lounge has well designed chairs; soft cushions along with sofas that will make you enjoy the red-tailed monkeys in the forest.


Cultural dancing Fire placeKibale Cottages

The evenings are usually enjoyed around the camp fire to give you all the warmth you need. Late in the night, you will experience the great sounds of the forest as well as the winding forest elephants.


Tourist Activities
Among the activities include chimpanzee tracking, Nature / Forest walk, birding, Bigodi swamp walk, visit to crater Lakes, Cultural heritage, Hike at the slopes of Rwenzori  along with the Nature trail. Enjoy a tour To Uganda’s national parks.