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Nile Safari Camp - Murchison Falls National Park

Nile Safari Camp is located on the banks of River Nile amongst rich papyrus forest, halfway between the magnificent Murchison Falls and Lake Albert. Murchison exudes the magnetism of an untamed Africa seeped in potent history and true adventure.Nile Safari Lodge

Recreation facilities

  1. Restaurant
  2. Main bar & pool bar.
  3. Curio shop, essential toiletries & souvenirs
  4. Swimming pool
  5. Dinning room
  6. The 'Tamarind Bar,'
  7. An open fire
  8. Organize weddings.


  1. 6 Luxury tents
  2. 6 Traditional log chaletsNile safari Lodge Beds
  3. Private bathrooms
  4. Electricity
  5. Own balconies overlooking and facing the river Nile
  6. Luxury double tents positioned to emphasize privacy and the stunning view across Murchison National Park.
  7. Flush toilets
  8. Comfortable self contained and airy rooms
  9. Room service